Levels! Andile Mxakaza Gifts His Fiance DJ Another Engagement Ring

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Levels! Andile Mxakaza Gifts His Fiance DJ Another Engagement Ring. Talk about some serious boyfriend Olympics. Andile Mxakaza is up there among some of the most romantic me in SA. The former Isibaya actor is in a relationship with DJ Lady Du, who he spoils so much.

The two met about 12 years ago but were only able to date for four months. They rekindled their relationship in 2020, and are own engaged. By August of that year, Mxakaza had indicated interest in beginning lobola negotiations. As Lady Du stated, however, they both have their lives in front of them and are in no hurry to get married.

People asking me how I got engaged 3 months in the relationship >>>>>>Don’t check if he’s cheating, check if he’s happy. Dont question it, if you don’t want to lose it. don’t ask where he is let him remember to tell you, give him space, don’t be fake, let him fall in love with your heart not your looks. They won’t last forever. If you are famous or have your own financial status, leave that by the door when you walk into your home. Most importantly be his peace that when he leaves the house he feels empty!!!!

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