Her comments have been known to cause a stir and a few remarks Lil Mama dropped off recently have sparked a conversation. The rapper has been known to take hits from the public, so Lil Mama is no stranger to facing off with those that disagree with her actions or words. This time, however, it seems that she’s gained equal levels of support and criticism after voicing her opinion about how Black women present themselves on social media.

“It’s So Many Black Women Bent Over on Social Media You would think that sh*t was a Mass Mandate,” she penned on her Instagram Story.

Lil Mama
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“It Get It, You ‘Grown’…” Lil Mama continued. “EVERYDAY THo? What day are you classy? Just hanging out with the family? Actually Working out?” Screenshots of her post were shared online and some agreed with her, while others came down on Lil Mama for specifically stating that this was a problem for Black women. They argued that women from all backgrounds have exhibited similar behavior.

This topic was reignited by the recent release of Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion’s collaborative, controversial single “Lick,” which has seen a sweep of backlash for its explicit music video and content. Do you agree with Lil Mama on this hot take?