September 17, 2021
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Lil Nas X Responds To Dr. Boyce Watkins’ Homophobic “INDUSTRY BABY” Comments

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Lil Nas X had the perfect response to Dr. Boyce Watkins’ homophobic criticism of his new music video.

Lil Nas X is breaking ground, unapologetically presenting his truth to the world and releasing bangers along the way. As we patiently wait for the “Old Town Road” artist’s debut studio album, which is arriving in the coming months, Lil Nas X has been sharing new songs and music videos to celebrate his sexual identity, including homoerotic videos for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and “INDUSTRY BABY” with Jack Harlow. The world is still remarkably homophobic though, especially in the hip-hop community, so LNX has faced a lot of disturbing backlash as he inspires LGBTQ+ identifying youth and adults. 

Most recently, the 22-year-old artist has fought back against homophobic critics bashing his new music video, which features a scene where Lil Nas dances nude with other men in a prison shower. American author Dr. Boyce Watkins had some homophobic remarks about “INDUSTRY BABY,” suggesting that Lil Nas is marketing sexual irresponsibility, which the rapper clapped back against.

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“#LilNasX isn’t fighting for gay rights. He’s marketing the sexual irresponsibility that’s causing young men to die from AIDS,” wrote Dr. Watkins on Twitter, sharing his ignorant homophobic take. “Being gay is one thing, but being a super spreader is another. There’s nothing healthy or helpful about that video. Especially for children.”

The video has nothing to do with AIDS — it’s simply celebrating one young man’s sexuality, which he is comfortable in displaying with the world. So many artists before him have kept their sexuality veiled for the comfort of a majority heterosexual crowd, and Lil Nas is changing that. He’s not content with hiding who he is to achieve success. He’s being himself and striving. The man has the most decorated song in music history, for goodness sake.

“y’all be silent as hell when n***as dedicate their entire music catalogue to rapping about sleeping with multiple women,” responded Lil Nas. “but when i do anything remotely sexual i’m ‘being sexually irresponsible’ & ‘causing more men to die from aids’ y’all hate gay ppl and don’t hide it.”

Well said, Lil Nas. Check out the tweets below.

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