We received devastating news about Lil Tjay this week. The New York rapper was shot multiple times in New Jersey on Wednesday morning and he had to undergo emergency surgery. Fans have been hoping that he pulls through, and it seems like there’s a chance that he will. However, the road to recovery might be a long one.

Rick Kern/Getty Images

The latest update on Tjay comes from TMZ who said that he’s still unconscious following yesterday’s shooting. Though the surgery was successful, sources close to the situation said that he’s not making many bodily movements aside from his legs. The rapper is currently scheduled for a CAT scan.

New Jersey police confirmed that they arrested one man in connection to the shooting. Mohamed Konate was apprehended, though he, too, was admitted into the hospital for gunshot wounds yesterday. Prosecutors said that a video depicts Konate’s body being left on the grounds outside of the hospital. Konate was charged with 3 counts of first-degree attempted murder.

In addition to Konate’s arrest, two of Tjay’s associates have also been arrested in connection to the shooting. Police said they were arrested on charges of second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Tjay was on pace to drop off his latest EP, Strictly4MyFans this summer after releasing “Lavish.” We’ll keep you posted on any more information regarding Tjay.