July 29, 2021
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Lil Uzi Vert Defends Himself: “Y’all Dragging It”

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Uzi came forward to confirm he was just kidding around during the alleged argument between him and Yung Miami.

Lil Uzi Vert has been catching heat from all sides following a heated conversation that went down between him and Yung Miami on Instagram live. In the video, it appears that the two seem to be at odds with each other, agreeing that they don’t have to be friends. Uzi then went on to brag about how he’s the one running things in his relationship with JT, among other things along those lines. Yung Miami’s beau Southside later jumped in to reprimand Uzi, echoing the voice of many Twitter users. The Philly native eventually took to Twitter yesterday to explain himself (April 1). 

I never treated a women how I treat jt I literally will die for her was just playing ….. y’all dragging it,” penned the Eternal Atake artist on Twitter. He made the clarifying statement by way of a quote reply from someone who tweeted him, “no!! the way you was talking to JT tho!!!! not cool.” 

He added in a separate tweet, “That’s my gf best friend I was playing with her she always curse me out.” While Uzi maintained that it was all light-hearted fun, Southside’s more aggressive response to Uzi still has people raising their eyebrows. 

“I’mma say this one time. Ay, Uzi, don’t address none to my b*tch, my n*gga,” Southside said in a video shared online. “You handle your b*tch, n*gga, you stay on your side.”

“You got one more time to say somethin’,” he continued. “I promise you I’mma punch your teeth out your mouth. Don’t say nothin’ else, n*gga… If you don’t like my b*tch, don’t like my b*tch. Let them do them… Stay the little weirdo you is, keep rockin’ purses, keep doin’ that b*tch sh*t you doin’.”

Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

In the midst of it all, JT has deactivated her Twitter account as the “beef” unfolds. Do you guys believe Uzi and Miami were just kidding around? Sound off in the comments.  

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