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Lil Uzi Vert’s Alleged Group Chat Leaks, He Trashes Kanye West’s “DONDA”

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An alleged group chat with Lil Uzi Vert leaked, showing the rapper’s thoughts about Kanye West’s new album “DONDA.”

Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert has always had some interesting things to say about Kanye West, and he seemingly went at the music legend another time this week, as seen in an alleged group chat that was leaked, which shows Uzi’s thoughts on DONDA.

Last year, Lil Uzi caught Kanye’s attention when he claimed that the artist “ain’t f*ckin’ with [him].” At the time, Kanye tweeted that he loves Uzi and says the same thing about Steve Jobs all the time.

A few weeks ago, Lil Uzi tweeted and deleted that Kanye is a “fake pastor,” which seemingly confirmed Uzi’s distaste for the Chicago native.

Now, we’re getting an alleged eye into the Eternal Atake rapper’s group chat, in which he disses Kanye’s new album DONDA.

“Yes donda suck,” said Lil Uzi in the messages, seemingly responding to another user. “Sounds like the all star game,” he added, appearing to comment on how many featured guests are on the tracklist. 

It has not been confirmed whether this group chat is legitimate, but Uzi’s name appears as it is stylized on social media. He also has the correct avatar. The thread is titled after Uzi’s upcoming project, the Pink Tape.

Lil Uzi is entitled to his own opinion but, at this point, it feels like he has something against Kanye. What do you think about the messages?

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