LOL! Jub Jub Explains Why He Won’t Wear Skinny Jeans – OkMzansi


LOL! Jub Jub Explains Why He Won’t Wear Skinny Jeans! If you’ve been watching Jub Jub on his hit show Uyajola99 or following him on social media since he came out of prison, then you know his style is laid back and a bit 2008.

It seems Jub Jub is having trouble adjusting to new style trends. The rapper and TV host finally shared why he won’t follow current men style trends which include skinny jeans, tights and sometimes dress looking garments. Speaking to Pearl on ‘Behind The Story’, Jub Jub explained why.

“You got to make up your mind whether you’re a guy, you’re a girl or gay, you can’t be all three, you got to make up your mind. For me, I respect the fashion, it’s fine. I just don’t see myself wearing skinny jeans. I’m a man…finish and klaar,” he told Pearl.


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