LOL! Trevor Gumbi Tries To Shoot His Shot At Thando Thabethe

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LOL! Trevor Gumbi Tries To Shoot His Shot At Thando Thabethe! The comedian is a single man after getting divorced from his wife Lucille a while back and he’s not had a public romance since then.

It seems Trevor is ready to dive into the dating pool or celebrity dating pool at least. We don’t know if he was being the funny man he is or if he really was shooting his shot at the single and gorgeous Thando Thabethe.

This comes after Thando tweeted an inspiration quote about making room for what you’re praying for. In response, Trevor was inspired to shoot his shot and responded to Thando’s tweet saying, “I’ve cleared half of the wardrobe for your stuff and the good side of the bed is ready or you.”

We have to admit that was smooth coming from the comedian. Pitty Thando didn’t respond.

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