October 27, 2021
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Lupe Fiasco Is Making An Album In 24 Hours

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Lupe Fiasco is in the middle of creating an entire ten-song album in twenty-four hours.

Lupe Fiasco has been doing this for a minute, and the elite-tier lyricist has experimented with a variety of musical styles and thematic concepts. With seven studio albums under his belt — including his most recent full-length Drogas Wave, an aquatically charged foray into Lupe’s fascinating mind — it would appear that Lu intends on adding another project to his catalog. 

In the middle of last night, Lupe took to Twitter to announce an exciting challenge, one that may very well spell rewarding for his many loyal fans. “Finna do an album from scratch in 24 hours…” wrote Lupe, at 3:34 AM EST. “1 song in…9 to go…Last time I did this Stack was alive…”

Two hours later, Lupe had narrowed it down to eight of ten. Two hours after that, he had three songs completed. Given that his last update was a little under an hour ago, Lupe appears to be keeping up a relatively consistent pace. Not that anybody was really doubting his ability to pull it off, though an interesting question does still linger.

Lupe Fiasco

 Gladys Vega/Getty Images

Is this challenge strictly for individual validation, or does Lupe actually intend on officially releasing this album to the masses? It wouldn’t be entirely out of character for Lupe to make his music accessible to the masses; lest we forget that the rapper has been delivering a steady stream of loosies, including a few notable freestyles and the Royce Da 5’9″ diss track “Steve Jobs.” 

Keep a watchful eye on Lupe’s Twitter page for progress updates, and look for him to give a more thorough update when the twenty-four-hour window closes up at 3:34 AM tonight. Are you looking forward to a new album from the creatively stimulated emcee?

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