October 27, 2021
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Lupe Fiasco Says Fighting COVID-19 Requires Taking The Vaccine Or Contracting Coronavirus

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Lupe Fiasco has apparently figured out two key ways of fighting COVID-19: take the new vaccine or catch coronavirus to let your immune system strengthen and self-cure itself.

Rap vet Lupe Fiasco has been unapologetically blunt when it comes to his opinions lately, whether it’s claiming he’s a better lyricist than hip-hop golden child Kendrick Lamar or more recently requiring his fans to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to attend his future shows. Doubling down on the latter request, The Cool emcee is now claiming to have the antidote for curing coronavirus altogether. However, we can’t exactly agree with his recommendations as they’re, well, not too safe if we’re being honest.

Lupe Fiasco COVID-19 Vaccine conspiracy theory theorist
Images: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“There are only and ONLY two ways to ‘build your immune system’ to fight COVID-19,” Lupe posted as a screengrab on Instagram, with the dual remedies listed at the end as, “1. Take the vaccine. 2. Catch COVID-19.” He believes in this theory so much so that he posted the same image multiples times on his timeline, with one post going into more detail behind his thoughts on the subject with a caption that read, “If you know how the human immune system works you know what this means…if you don’t know how the human immune system works you will proceed to spew ignorance juice all in the comments of somebody you should’ve unfollowed a long time ago.”

Granted, we can almost see where the “Kick, Push” rapper was going with one — keeping your immune system in tact is vital to staying healthy during these times. However, recommending someone “catch COVID-19” as a means of becoming immune to it later is both unproven and doesn’t take into consideration the over 1.7 million worldwide who didn’t survive after they caught the virus. The new vaccine has surely caused controversy since it was announced a few months back, but at least that’s a recommendation towards getting healthy; telling people to “get sick” in order to boost their immune system just isn’t it, chief.

Peep Lupe Fiasco’s debatable opinion below, which has his comment section pretty much split in support vs scrutiny. We want to know what our comment section thinks though, so sound off with your thought down below as per usual:

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