They often say that we are not ugly but we are broke. Hence there is nothing wrong with enhancing your natural glow or enhancing it either. Madam and Mercy are simply the epitome of that.

Madam and Mercy

The mother and daughter duo recently shared their decade beauty transformation, and we cannot dispute the fact that they have changed drastically over the years. Madam penned a post describing how their hard work has paid off.

Madam And Mercy

Their fame and fortune did not come easy, it took a lot of sweat, tears and hard work. Madam who has a reality show, revealed that they once stayed in a Caravan, but today they are living large.

Madam and Mercy

She said life is about change and that is why they decided to have a reality show to give viewers a from row-seat into their lives journey. The Versace girls have really made it in life, and we are here for that glow!

In other news – Nadia Nakai slaying in those COVID-19 face masks as she says you might as well enjoy it

Nadia Nakai slaying in those COVID-19 face masks as she says you might as well enjoy it. As we are all in lockdown people are now realising the importance of family and rapper and singer Nadia Nakai is missing her family so bad. The lockdown is taking a toll on everyone and with the way cases are rising l see the government taking us back to Lockdown level 5.

Remember the government has declared that starting from the first of May they are moving the lockdown from level 5 to level 4, which means some of the businesses will start to operate as they try to revive the economy of the country slowly but also examining the situation of the disease as well. The economy of the country was being strained which led to the fall of the Rand on the market. Read more

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