‘Male Rappers Don’t Support Female Rappers Enough,’ Says Rouge!

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‘Male Rappers Don’t Support Female Rappers Enough,’ Says Rouge! According to Rouge, male rappers have not been giving enough support to the female rappers. Most up and coming artists that get help from established rappers are male artists.

“I’m not gonna lie about it, I think we all know, I think they know that too, they’ve also been vocal about it. There have been those who have literally started inviting us into their conversation, slowly but surely, but i don’t think it’s enough but I feel like we’re getting somewhere, there hasn’t been this much talk about females for a very long time in Hip Hop,” Rouge told Lootlove on Absolute Hip Hop.

Rouge went on to say that female rappers haven’t been putting out great music in the past and that it’s not something female rappers are just going to get, they need to earn it.

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