‘Marriage Does Not Elevate the Value of a Woman’

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Simi continues to do good work with her platform and fans are pleased.

The singer took to her Instagram Story yesterday to school folks who have a penchant for treating married women with more respect, as though a woman is nothing, does not deserve respect and human dignity, unless she is married to a man and bears his name.

“[I] hate when people defend women with ‘how can you talk to a married woman like that?’ ‘You can’t do that to her. Do you know she’s married?’ I know you mean well, but you’re implying that disrespecting single women is inexcusable. We gotta change that,” she wrote.

“Marriage does not elevate the value of a woman. Every woman, regardless of status, must be treated respectfully,” she continued.

And she said a lot more.

See her post below:


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