Married Women : How to Keep Your Husband Stick to You

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Married women help your husbands
You are married to him, you have got rights to have sex with him Yes but the problem is that,you don’t know how to get his attention….
Sex to men is food,so you must know how to spicy your food,start initiating it…..its not always to have sex on the bed NO…..let me list them now for you.

1. If you prepare the water for bathing,follow him there,bathe him,just like you bath the boys under age whilist you are naked,or bath together,wash his things,play with it just there in the bathroom,if you like oral sex,suck that lollipop,until its hard…..then give him your backside _you facing the wall. So that he can fuck you hard……after that,tell him to bath you on the back…..teach him to bath you even down there,he must learn how to wash you down there,insert his finger the way you do it when you are washing it,by doing that,he will start fingering u,then fuck him once again…….

2…when you go to the bedroom,lie him on the bed,apply lotion on him,all the body,but to his Dick,take a KY Jelly then start massage his Dick,then when its hard,ride on him,don’t be lazy,coz most of Women are lazy to b on top,if you want to change the style,don’t allow his Dick to come out,just turn like snakes while you are holding him tight

3…make it a habit to shave him after two weeks so that he get used to fucking and remain clean most of the time,coz it is a must,after shaving…fucking must b there…

4…when you are just the two of you at home,learn to wear the “see through” things without a pant..let him have a look how your bums music,and Show how much you can dance ,shaking your boobs and bums…even to show him your pussy……he will just jump on you….sex is in what we see..

5…..during the night,its a MUSt you sleep naked I think,even if he gives you the back side,your hand can touch his Dick…..start playing with it if you don’t feel sleepy….. do that when he is sleeping,just Start stroking it as if you are masturbating him,he will feel sexy in his dream,then he will wake up only to find it is you touching his dick,he can’t refuse than to fuck you….even before sleeping you can do have to enjoy sex to the fullest,if you squinting,don’t feel shy to do that….. the bedroom,don’t wear anything when he is resting,let him have his clear View,front view,back view, though ladies you look fun sometimes at the back veiw when you bend over ….you can even using dirty language..honey today,I will win the game,if you think am lying let’s try…fuck me hard today…….my pussy needs your Dick badly,I want to reach ogasm today
Let’s do it dad…..then you will see how hard he will become…..

7. When the act is over,clean him and clean the plate also because he may need the food again,so he can’t have his food on dirty plates…… done,this will help those who complain about their husband who feel tired to have sex with their wives.

I know you have started thinking that am canal, for where am sound my dear friend just trying to help your family stand up.

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