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Marvel’s First Open Trans Actor Says More Trans People Should Be Depicted On Screen

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Zach Barack calls for more representation in film.

Spider-Man: Far From Home not only made history with its record-breaking views within 24-hours of its release, but the MCU also welcomed its first ever openly trans character. Zach Barack is a trans male and stars as a classmate of Peter Parker’s in the film. The gender of Zach’s character is not addressed in the film and according to Zach, such roles need to be depicted more onscreen. 

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“It’s about separating what people know about you and what they don’t,” he said at the film premiere, via Page Six. “And I think that’s something I kind of live with every day. And on top of that, I don’t see a lot of trans-masculine people on television or trans men specifically, and getting to be part of that is beyond unreal.” Zach further explained how Marvel stories have always felt like a trans story since they are based on identity.

“The truth is you have to put out there what people want to see and what people need to see,” he added. “And as a young person who is trans, I didn’t see a trans man on TV ever, ever, really, until I was like, 17. So having a fun movie about a class going on a trip together, and I get to be part of that, I can’t even…”

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