Masechaba Ndlovu’s 2 ex husbands support at her Big Secret BET screening

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Media personality, Masechaba Ndlovu, had friends and supporters at the screening of her Bet show, The Big Secret.

Interestingly, Masechaba’s children fathers were there to also give their support.

The On Air Personaloity expressed her joy on social media, seeing her husbands, saying:

“A big shout-out to my 1st husband, Lungelo’s dad @mfundontsib for coming through and supporting me at my screening. Thank you for being a good friend and a great dad to our son.” 

“Shout out to my 2nd husband, @MrVNdlovu, without whose support, I would not be able to give the world my best. I could never call myself a single mom when my boys are blessed with 2 incredible fathers who are present. Thank you for taking the load off. You play a massive role in our lives. Ngiyabonga Gatsheni. I’m superbly humbled that you attended my screening. Your support means the world to me. Team work makes the dream work.”

Here are some snaps at eh screening event:

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