Maxo Kream’s Dad Runs The Show In “Still” Music Video

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Maxo Kream drops off his new video ahead of the release of “Brandon Banks.”

Maxo Kream is doing big things these days. The release of Punken helped get Maxo Kream to get the type of recognition he truly deserves. Since then, he’s been a favorite among hip-hop heads and one of the brightest new stars to come out of Houston. The rapper announced in May that he signed a major label deal with RCA for $1.5M. Around the same time, he released “Still,” the first single off of his forthcoming project, Brandon Banks. Ahead of the project’s release next month, he comes through with a brand new video for the song. 

Brandon Banks is an album that’s motivated around Maxo’s relationship with his father who actually does the intro on “Still.” Now, the rapper brings his dad on board for the latest visual of “Still.” The video opens up with Maxo’s dad inside of a warehouse with a megaphone yelling at the workers. Maxo then swoops in while rapping his verse with his dad continuing to command the operation.

In other news, Maxo Kream announced this morning that he signed a new deal with Roc Nation. 

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