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“Maybe Fizz Wants To Be Omarion”

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Their Millennium Tour brought in millions of dollars in 2019, but B2K can’t seem to work out their personal issues enough to continue their career as a group. They were top-selling artists in the early 2000s, but since the group’s inception, there have been rumblings of discontent between certain members. Lately, the widespread conversations about Omarion and Fizz has captured the attention of the masses. The mother of Omarion’s children, Apryl Jones, has now found love with his B2K groupmate Fizz, and it may have cost them future collaborations.

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B2K member Raz B hasn’t said much about the controversy with Omarion and Fizz, but he broke his silence when he addressed the drama with BBC 1 Xtra. “There was a lot going on that I didn’t know about,” he admitted. “I know that those two particular guys since we were kids, it was always something with some girl.”

He added that the two have always been competitive, saying that it was Fizz who got a solo deal first and Omarion followed. “I don’t know. Maybe Fizz wants to be Omarion. I don’t know. I’m not taking shots at my boy,” said Raz. “Maybe he wants to be number one. I don’t know. Me personally, that’s a touchy situation. I don’t care if somebody put a billion dollars in my face, I’m just not touching that. People want to blame [Apryl] or blame [Fizz] for f*cking up the bag. That’s not the case.”

Raz added, “There were internal issues that’s been going on since we were kids. I feel like now that certain elements and past management out [of] the way, how do we come together as brothers and really deal with it?” No matter what happens, Raz B is determined to keep the B2K fire burning. “I will tell you this, I will never let B2K die. I got something up my sleeve.” Watch the clips of his interview below.

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