Melii Reminds Listeners Who Runs The World In ”Nena”

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Melii first exploded into the mainstream after releasing her cover of Cardi B’s ”Bodak Yellow.” The Harlem-based artist had been through a lot before her come-up, but remained strong. Signed by Tory Lanez, Melii never failed to impress us with her catchy melodies and braggadocious vibe. 

This track ”Nena,” which means baby in Spanish, was just released on all streaming platforms. She revealed the song in an Instagram post, asking her fans to tag her if they post it. She’s always been a girls’ girl, and this sound is proof of that. It’s a clear diss to someone who’s wronged her, and she did not leave the relationship without first establishing her power. 

She portrays her Spanish heritage in some of the lyrics, while gradually belittling a man’s materialistic tendencies and toxic qualities. In the Spanish verse, she states, ”I’m the hero of your story, the one who’s no longer your baby… the only one who isn’t sorry.” This is clearly evident of female power and the idea of leaving a toxic relationship without any regrets. Whether this was directly dedicated to someone or not, — as she’s known for writing songs about her life struggles — this song will definitely connect to any woman during a post break-up phase. 

Quotable Lyrics

Every bridge you come across, yeah, you keep on burnin’
I know I ain’t perfect, left you deserted
But I send you blessings, we learn from lessons

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