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Michael B. Jordan’s stellar performance in Black Panther is one of the clear reasons the film smashed box office records this past weekend. Before the Marvel blockbuster debuted, the Jersey raised actor visited sneaker boutique Stadium Goods with Complex for a quick shopping spree and interview about his love for Timberlands, sneaker culture, sports, basketball icon Michael Jordan and his relationship with BP director Ryan Coolger.

“[Ryan Coogler] is always finding things here and there that a younger generation of millennials are going to pick up on. We tried to drop some gems here and there that people will definitely notice,” says Michael about the subtle sneaker references in Black Panther.

On sneaker culture:
Michael B.: It’s turned into its own little business. Kids are out here collecting and reselling and becoming their own entrepreneurs, and I think that’s dope. Using the Internet, social media. Even, like, cleaning kicks. Restoring them. It’s a whole new avenue of business out there that this generation is getting up on and I think it’s dope.




On having the same name as Michael Jordan:
Trying to have your own identity. Growing up, and I played ball and I was super athletic, I always got teased here and there. But it made me want to be great and competitive with what I did. You have to take that thing positively and use it as constructive motivation. I get tagged in everything Michael Jordan. Do they even look at my profile? It’s night and day, so, yeah, I get mistaken a lot.

On whether or not he could be a pro boxer:
That’s tough. I’m not gonna take anything away from the cats that are out there 24/7 that live that life, because they sacrifice a lot. I’m athletic. I want to compete at whatever I do. So if I put my mind to it and was focused on that, I think I could definitely compete.



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