Millicent Mashile mourns the passing of her mother-in-law

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Actress and Youtuber Millicent Mashile is mourning the passing of her mother-in-law. She took to her social media platforms to share the sad news. “We are hurt & broken, how do we say goodbye to you. How? We are struggling. You promised to be around to meet your first granddaughter” she wrote.

Millicent said she is sorry that her mother went through a lot of pain. She said she held on through her hardest times because she did not want them to hurt.  Nothing could have prepared me for your loss… I saw & felt your motherly love. Thank you for welcoming me into your home 11years ago, you took me in as daughter in love, not in law. I always said you & the boys defined what love between a grandma & grandkids is.

Millicent Mashile

The actress concluded her lengthy touching post by wishing her mother-in-law farewell. She said she will tell her daughter how much she fought to meet her.

“The kids are obsessed about you. I still don’t know how to even tell them you are gone. I look at them & just become weak. Go well Mommy, we will love you beyond the grave. We miss you already. I will tell your granddaughter how much you fought to meet her but I know she felt the love every time you rubbed my belly.”

Millicent announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago thanking God for the blessing, “6 months ago God put a big smile on my face. We are happy to announce that we are expecting our 3rd bundle of blessing. I feel so blessed, to God be the Glory,” she wrote.

Millicent Mashile

Speaking at her gender reveal, she said she was not expecting any specific gender. She said: “Honestly I didn’t create any expectations. Because I really wanted the moment to be real. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I wanted to be equally happy because a baby is a blessing.

She also thanked her twin sister for making her gender reveal special for her, “I enjoyed my gender reveal. I enjoyed my day. It just feels like I literally just found out that I’m pregnant. And my sister made it so special. I’m so happy that my husband is happy. Honestly, I just feel like when you have two boys, you must have a girl. So they had that thing and I didn’t really like it. So for me guys, it was like, even if I had the third boy I’d be okay

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five biracial women

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