Minnie Dlamini-Jones recently went on a much-needed girls-night-out with her besties.

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Inside Minnie Dlamini’s Girls Night out

New mom Minnie Dlamini-Jones recently went on a much-needed girls-night-out together with her besties. Namely, Lefase Chokoe, Sane Mahlase and Azola Mona.

Minnie Dlamini love
The besties took over Italian restaurant Saint in Sandton. Sharing a number of the moments from their night out on the gram, Mrs Jones said the subsequent about the year that has been 2020. “What a year 2020… has been so wild, but many thanks , ladies, for always being there.”

Minnie Dlamini baby
Lefase called the night their mini year-end function. “Our mini year end function… isolation girls night. many thanks for a tremendous year my people.”

Chokoe, who’ll be launching her new clothing line soon revealed that the outfit she wore on the evening are going to be available soon.

Minnie Dlamini
Sadly today I’m announcing my departure from the label and therefore the partnership. the choice to steer away has left me sad and emotional; to mention the smallest amount . However, i will be able to start afresh and continue with the vision and brand on my very own under a replacement name, Levase Apparel which I guarantee will have an equivalent creative direction,” said Lefase Chokoe partially upon announcing hat she’ll be trading under a replacement name.

Sane Mahlase, who was also attending , recently celebrated her one year anniversary.

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