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Moniece Slaughter Claims Fizz Isn’t Allowed Around Omarion & Apryl Jones’s Kids By Court Order

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Moniece Slaughter was telling everyone’s business on Instagram Live when she revealed that the father of her child, Fizz, isn’t allowed by order of the court to be around Omarion and Apryl Jones’s children.

After their explosive season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood revealed details of their romance, Fizz and Apryl Jones haven’t been seen together much lately. Some have attributed their silence to wanting to develop their future together outside of social media and the public eye, while others claim that they’ve broken up. Omarion made a few appearances in the press where he talked about not caring about his former friend and B2K groupmate Fizz dating the mother of his children, but according to Moniece Slaughter, the mother of Fizz’s son, Omarion was pulling chess moves while everyone else was playing checkers.

Moniece Slaughter
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Moniece is known to hop on Instagram Live to share details of her personal life, so recently she said that Fizz and Apryl have been having issues because of a court order. “On top of that, I knew that they were gonna have to split because there was a motion filed that my BD not be around [Omarion’s] kids,” Moniece said. “And they needed certain information from me to make sure that he was not able to be around Apryl’s children. Initially, I had told them no. I’m not a rat, I’m not, I don’t like the n*gga, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to be dragged into this. Especially to protect somebody else’s kids and when he gets upset and he gets mad, what’s gonna happen to me and my son?”

“I was gearing up to go to court so I made my own little deal with the other side and at that point, I thought to myself, if the roles were reversed, would he do the same fo me?” Moniece continued. “If the roles were reversed, would he just mind his business… No, he wouldn’t. He absolutely would not, so I said f*ck it.” In the end, she decided to turn over the information requested and the motion was ruled in Omarion’s favor.

Moniece Slaughter went on to say that Fizz and Apryl Jones had been dating since 2017 and even though she knew about it, she didn’t say much until recently. She heard about Fizz buying Apryl gifts and the couple vacationing together, but she kept her distance because in the public, Fizz likes to call her a “stalker” who is “obsessed” with him. Watch the clip from Moniece Slaughter on Instagram Live below.

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