Mpumalanga health officials take vaccination drive to taxis

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The government’s Vooma Vaccination campaign has seen more than 500 vaccination sites open across the country over the weekend in a bid to reach herd immunity against COVID-19. Vaccine hesitancy has been a stumbling block to the government’s plan to vaccinate at least 70 percent of the adult population before the end of the year.

In Mpumalanga, taxi ranks have been a major focus. Public spaces, once considered fertile ground for the spread of COVID-19, are now battlegrounds against vaccine disinformation.

The Mpumalanga taxi industry is now a key player in partnering with the government. Those who claimed to have been vaccinated had to show and tell.

No public spaces have been spared. For some, shopping quickly turned into a long outstanding appointment with vaccinations. Health workers see the Vooma vaccination weekend campaign as a much-needed boost to attaining herd immunity.

At Ackerville Stadium, 80 percent of people who came to vaccinate were men, much to officials’ joy. The government insists this is not a door-to-door campaign to lure voters ahead of the upcoming elections, but a call to squeeze COVID-19 out of communities. It says it’s resorted to intimate engagement to bridge the trust deficit with people.

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