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Myles Garrett Claims Mason Rudolph Used Racial Slur Prior To Fight

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This just got interesting.

Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph dominated sports headlines last week after they got into a huge fight during Thursday Night Football. Of course, Rudolph was on the receiving end of his own helmet to the head at the hands of Garrett. Since then, Garrett has been suspended indefinitely while Rudolph hasn’t faced any punishment. Now, Garrett is looking to appeal his suspension and during a meeting with the NFL, he ended up sending some serious claims Rudolph’s way.

According to a report from ESPN, Garrett says Rudolph actually called him a racial slur which is what prompted the outlandish reaction. Garrett makes the argument that had it not happened, things wouldn’t have escalated that quickly. Since the allegations, Rudolph and the Steelers have denied all wrongdoing.

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“Mason vehemently denies the report of being accused of using a racial slur during the incident Thursday night in Cleveland,” the Steelers said in a statement. “He will not discuss this accusation any further and his focus remains on preparation for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.”

For now, the NFL will have to ponder the evidence presented before making a decision on Garrett’s fate. Either way, this whole situation has just gotten a lot more interesting.

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