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N.O.R.E. is the latest artist to throw down the gauntlet and openly challenge one of their peers to a Verzuz matchup, as the rapper-turned-media personality has called out Beanie Sigel to go song-for-song on the virtual live performance platform. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, (which was sparked by a cameo on Podcaster Queenz Flip’s IGTV) N.O.R.E. spared no words in voicing his confidence that he would easily win a Verzuz against his Philly counterpart, going as far as revealing Sigel’s verbal attacks on JAY-Z as motivation for his own onslaught against the “Feel It In The Air” creator. “If you wanna compare us on paper, it’s no match,” N.O.R.E. argues. “Let me just be clear, everything I’ve said about Beanie Sigel and everything I’ve joked about [with] Beanie Sigel, I’m trying to be funny. But at the end of the day, I wanna teach him a lesson that loyalty is better than everything. A lot of people still don’t forgive Beans for dissing the god of hip-hop, let’s just be clear. He makes five or six records dissing the god, he should’ve made five or six records apologizing to the god.”

The Queens native then goes on to deem himself as more physically attractive and financially well-off than Beans, advising the rapper to ignore him for the sake of avoiding the embarrassment of a loss. N.O.R.E. also suggests that the majority of Sigel’s biggest hits are with JAY-Z, while he doesn’t have to rely on records with costars to move the crowd in a battle. “Let’s just be clear, if you take Nas out of my career and you take Jay out of Beans’ career, I don’t think his catalog even exists,” N.O.R.E. says matter-of-factly. “He’s my little homie. Real talk, if ‘Banned From TV’ never came out, Beanie Sigel might not have a career. He got signed ’cause he rhymed on ‘Banned From TV [instrumental].’”

While N.O.R.E. continues to jab at Beans by contrasting and comparing their commercial success while running down his resume, he makes it clear throughout the interview that all of his digs are in jest and that he has immense respect for Sigel as a lyricist, even joking that his commentary is all a ploy to generate interest in a State Property film reunion between the two former costars. However, he also concedes that Beanie may be the superior lyricist and wordsmith, that Verzuz is more about overall songs than strictly lyrical ability. “This is not about lyricists, it’s about hit-for-hit,” the “Superthug” rapper says before slighting his prospective opponent yet again. “If we go in the club, I have never had a show with Beanie Sigel where I opened up. Beanie Sigel has always been my opener.”

A huge fan of Verzuz, N.O.R.E., who regularly recaps its events and proposes various matchups between artists, has voiced his willingness to step into the arena himself and has placed the Philly rhyme animal in his crosshairs. After debates of who would win a Verzuz battle between the two were sparked on social media, N.O.R.E. stoked fires with an post of a screenshot of him speaking with JAY-Z onto his Instagram account, claiming that Hov would bet his money on N.O.R.E. if the showdown were to ever happen.

Beans, who’s lyrically stepped to The Lox and JAY-Z himself on past occasions and is not one to shy away from a confrontation, chimed in with a comment addressing N.O.R.E.’s digs, informing him that he’s barking up the wrong tree and may be biting off more than he can chew. “Is it me or do it look like Jay telling @therealnoreaga “You know you done fucked up right,” the State Property rapper wrote alongside laughing emojis. “You said you brought the beer at ….. you know you done fu€led up right !!!!”

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