Nadia Made A Fantastic Show With AKA #TheBraaiShowWithAKA

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Nadia Nakai

On the season finale of AKA’s hit talk show, ‘The Braai Show With AKA’, a very interesting figure is breaking bread with him. His rival Cassper’s signee, mentee and friend Nadia Nakai will be joining the Supa Mega as they discuss the frenzy that was caused when AKA snubbed her a feature on Baddest Remix, to why the industry does not want to giver her, her much deserved flowers, to whether she is allowed to work with AKA or not.

Nadia’s career has been steadily rising and she is one of the few influential rappers in Mzansi. Her uniqueness, bars and flow sets her apart from the masses but many have been questioning if she really is a good rapper. I mean she got snubbed a feature on the Baddest Remix which featured an all-female line-up of Fifi Cooper, Rouge, Moozlie and Gigi Lamayne.

Nadia Nakai

Speaking to rapper Khuli Chana on his music talk show on Trace called The Originators, Bragga said that AKA left her out on purpose as he might have had a hidden agenda and Cassper agreed with her. His snub drove her into Cass’s shadow and the rest is history.

“When AKA released the Baddest Remix with all the female Emcees that made Cassper & TLee more drawn to work with me because they felt I was left out on purpose,” Nadia told the rapper.

More on this will be discussed on The Braai Show and we cannot wait to hear what AKA has to say for himself.

However, in the snippet, Nadia says she felt as though the women who got featured were being catty towards her so she could not be happy for them or congratulate them, “I couldn’t genuinely be happy for the girls that were the song because that day they were being catty towards me.”

Nadia Nakai

Bhovamania hitmaker even asked her if she is allowed to work on a song with him and Nadia said “of course what do you mean.”

Nadia then talks about why she feels as though other femcees do not give her, her flowers, “I feel like every time people are supposed to give me my flowers they always find a reason not to.”

Nadia made a Fantastic show with AKA #TheBraaiShowWithAKA

Announcing the final episode, AKA said, “It’s #TheBraaiShowWithAKA FINALE with BRAGGA tomorrow night ya heard!!!Tune in at 19:30 @Official_SABC1 and witness greatness!!!”

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