Nadia Wants A Look Alike Of Major League’s Bandile As A Villain In ‘Drugs’ Music Video! Nadia Nakai is undeniably one of the few rappers who is able to use publicity to push her music.

She has grown a rather huge following on social media because of both her music and publicity skills. The rapper recently revealed that she is no longer dating Bandile from Majorleague who she started dating a little over a year ago.

Now that the rapper has finally dropped her debut album which has been getting a lot of love from fans, she plans on dropping multiple videos for the songs on it. On the latest episode of Bossing Up With Bragga, Nadia reveals the plan for the Drugs music video.

To give the video talkability, Nadia plans on using her ex-boyfriend Bandile’s look alike to play the villain who will be using drugs to take advantage of girls in the streets.


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