Nandi Madida shared this adorable video of her son playing tennis

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Nandi Madida

Songstress Nandi Madida has one of the most adorable little boys in celebville, Shaka Madida, and we love it when she shares cute videos of him doing cool things like dancing, and most recently, playing tennis.

Nandi Madida

Taking to her Instagram page to show her followers her cute son, Nandi posted a video of little Shaka high fiving his coach after what looks like a hectic session. And like any mother would, she shared how supportive she is and will continue to be of her child.

Nandi Madida

She wrote in the caption: “My 2-year-old son LOVES the sport Tennis! It’s beautiful to see him fulfil his passion. Whatever he wants to be (as long as it’s legal) I will be 100% behind my champ

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Her followers were gushing over the cuteness of the video, including Nandi’s presenter friend, Minnie Dlamini-Jones, who commented, “I’m going to cry.”
Shaka is certainly growing up, and his mother misses the little baby he was not so long ago. In a previous post, Nandi posted the most adorable picture of Shaka playing with his dad, Zakes Bantwini, on a kitchen counter and captioned it: “My boys! Miss Shaka @Shakamadida when he was this young and didn’t say ‘No’ to everything.

Shaka Madida

To which singer, Brenda Mtambo responded, “I thought I was the only one getting NO!!! These kids and saying No.” about her own child.

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