Nasty C Responds To Claims That His Girlfriend Sammy Is A “Nasty Gold digger”. A social media user by the name of Slik Talk decided to go on a roll exposing Nasty C’s girlfriend Sammy Heavens for being an alleged nasty gold digger. The Hell Naw rapper decided to come forward to his lady’s defence.

The social media user said that : “Nasty C is in love with a gold digger, someone who’s a natural born failure. Sammy Heavens is someone who has achieved absolutely nothing in life, this is somebody who has absolutely nothing for herself. This is somebody who has been eating off of her parents, this is somebody who has been eating off of Nasty for years,” said the YouTuber.

Responding to the Youtuber Nasty C admitted that his girlfriend was nasty and he taught her that and went on to address the hate.

“All these niggas that suffer in silence be the loudest. Bleeding for attention, future all clouded,” wrote the Def Jam star.

Nasty C has always made it clear how he prefers to keep the most parts of his live off social media but has always expressed the love he has for his girlfriend.

“…Thank you for always being there for me & playing your part! Thank you for being the first person EVER to sing my songs back at me I don’t even have to tell you what that’s done for me, you see it everyday & you forever will coz I’ll always be by your side. I owe your mother the world because she created mine I. Love. You, [sic]” he captioned a short video of him kissing his girlfriend.



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