After announcing the birth of her first child exactly two weeks ago, Jeannie Mai Jenkins is showing off her postpartum body, unfiltered. 

Jeezy and Jeanie Mai Jenkins welcomed their son, Monaco Mai Jenkinsto the world on January 11, 2022.

Jenkins kept fans in the loop throughout her pregnancy, as she stayed very transparent about the progress, posting interviews, vlogs, and videos across many platforms. The new mom continues to keep up her honesty, revealing her struggles, admitting that “the 4th trimester has been the hardest trimester yet.”

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

“While being a new mom is the most exhilarating moment I have ever experienced in my life— nothing prepared me for postpartum. NOTHING,” she captioned in her Instagram post. “No book I’ve read, advice I’ve gotten, that could have compiled ALL the things I’d need just to sit, lay down, walk, or even hold our baby.” 

Nonetheless, she affirmed to her fans, “The 4th trimester has been the hardest trimester yet, but I’m a happy, healing mom over here.”

Jenkins also took to her Instagram story, where she praised mothers for having the strength to go through childbirth. 

“I got so much respect for moms. Next level. I’m in my first week of postpartum and I definitely don’t feel ready for recovery,” she shared. She added, “That feels like a long time away ’cause I feel like my body is still reacting from what just happened.”