September 17, 2021
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New York Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Any Country

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New York has been hit harder than any other world region by the coronavirus, reporting more cases than any country.

President Donald Trump said that he wanted to re-open the economy before Easter and look where that got us… Not only are things just continuing to get worse, but now it is being reported that New York officially has more cases of the novel coronavirus than any country in the world.

In case you aren’t yet convinced that the United States’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been unacceptably slow, this should do it for you. As reported by the BBC, New York has now reported more cases of the coronavirus than anywhere else in the world, including Italy, China, Spain, and other countries.

Jumping up 10,000 cases on Thursday (April 9), the state of New York has a total of 159,937 confirmed cases of the virus, which is more than Spain and Italy. The United States as a whole has 462,000 total cases and 16,500 deaths.

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7,000 deaths have been reported in New York, which is less than countries that have been struggling to contain the virus. However, the state has been experiencing record-high days in terms of the number of deaths this week, meaning that they could end up surpassing Spain and Italy soon.

Mayor Bill de Blasio previously said that he expects half of New York to become infected with the coronavirus. Hopefully, things slow down before that point.

Stay safe.


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