‘Nigeria Won’t Be Like Afghanistan’ – CAN President Vows, Curses Bandits, Terrorists, Sponsors

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Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) President, Rev. Supo Ayokunle has laid a curse on people planning to turn Nigeria to Afghanistan.


Recall that Taliban terrorists recently took over Afghanistan.


Ayokunle vowed that Nigeria will never be like Afghanistan.


The cleric cursed bandits, kidnappers, terrorists, their sponsors and declared that an end has come to insecurity and violence nationwide.


Ayokunle spoke at the opening of the 39th Holy Ghost Convention 2021 of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Sunday evening in Ibadan.


The Christian leader said the situation in the country was because people neglected God and took His words for granted.


He lamented that corruption had become a way of life in government, companies, families, religious centres and others.


The CAN president prophesied showers of rain that will will bring freshness to the country and the citizens.

“The Lord will fight the beast of bandits, Boko Haram, religious terrorists, kidnappers, other criminals operating in Nigeria and caused them to be wiped away in Jesus name.

“I prophesy into you Nigeria and Nigerians that our economy is going to bounce back and Nigeria will flourish.

Ayokunle predicted Nigerians will flourish and that those in the diaspora will return home to “possess their possessions.

“Nigerians will not be fugitives anywhere anymore. The name Nigeria shall be respected everywhere, the lost glory shall be restored in full.

“Nigeria is not going to become Afghanistan, no Taliban is going to take over here. We tear every false prophecy apart concerning Nigeria in Jesus Name”, he prayed.


After the fall of Kabul, the Taliban swore to impose Islamic law in all countries of the world.


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