Ouch! DJ Shimza Reacts To K Naomi Receiving Backlash Over Bipolar Statement! This weeks celebs have been subbing each other on twitter like never before but we’re not complaining.

K Naomi is the uncontested Mabena of the week after her careless statement on bipolar people, whom she said she hated. The model received much backlash on social media for it and later issued an apology saying it was not what she meant.

It seems her ex boyfriend is not buying it. Shimza took to twitter to remind everyone how K Naomi had been nasty towards him when he lost his car a few months ago. After Shimza tweeted that his R2 million car had been stolen, Naomi tweeted “God will humble you”.

Now that Naomi landed herself in hot water, Shimza also had something to say about it. “When I lost my previous car she tweeted “God will humble you”…yesterday that tweet rung in my head the whole day. God loves us all,” Shimza tweeted.

Clearly there’s still some tension between these two.


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