Palesa Tembe Reveals Her Deep Sadness And What Haunts Her Life

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Afternoon express presenter Palesa Tembe shares what a difficult year it has been for her.
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Palesa Tembe entered the presenter search competition on SABC 3. Palesa won the competition and began hosting the afternoon express in 2018. Before entering Palesa had a YouTube Channel.
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t may be my birthday tomorrow, but I’m in all the feels today. There’s something daunting about turning one year older and having not ticked off certain boxes you thought you would have achieved. This past year was littered with bad news, from losing loved ones 🕊🕯 to uncomfortable shifts coming from all directions… I’ve felt lost for the majority of this year and the lack in forward movement left me feeling ‘stuck’ and unmotivated. My mental health has truly been tested. But farewell to those woes.

From tomorrow, 01 December- My Birthday, I’m turning a new leaf. Enough crying and enough grieving. I’m ushering in a new year of ‘Yes’! …Yes, Yes and YES! Yes to success and financial abundance. Yes to opportunities and resources being opened up to me. Yes to forever with my partner. And YES to the next…

Today Palesa Tembe celebrates her birthday, she reflects on the year that she had. She said she felt unmotivated because she had experienced so much lost this year. Palesa Tembe lost her sister Anele Tembe tragically this year. She said her mental health was truly tested and she felt lost. She said she has had enough of crying and grieving and as she turns a year older she wants to say yes to opportunities and moving forward. She is turning a new leaf.
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