Phat Joe is so obsessed with me: Anele Mdoda

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Phat Joe and Anele Mdoda

Radio personality Phat Joe felt the wrath of Anele Mdoda on Wednesday morning after he shaded the star during his morning radio show. Responding to news that Anele is on the judging panel for this year’s Miss SA pageant, Joe questioned the decision and suggested that she was just there to make up the numbers.

Anele Mdoda

While listeners quickly responded to Joe’s comments, Anele took to Twitter to address Joe and claimed he was “obsessed” with her. Phat Joe is so obsessed with me. Like a dog barking at cars that won’t ever stop ???? he should concentrate on being at a radio gig longer than 5 min,” she wrote.

Phat Joe

Anele then responded to an angry fan’s tweet by calling Joe “washed out”.

Anele once again took a swipe at Joe for constantly moving from station to station and suggested that he wouldn’t be at Radio 2000 for too long.

“Well when he does have work. Phat Joe must tell us what happened at East Coast Radio or every other job that he lasted a year and less. Don’t even know which station he is at now but give it 6 months. Shock jock is that is not shocking. Swine we blowfish.”

Joe was told about the comments on air and laughed them off. He gave a shout out to Anele and other women on the panel, but mixed in a bit of spice. Shoutout to Anele and the other women… We will see who is washed out on Friday,” he said live on air.

Meanwhile, Twitter was divided over Joe’s comments, with many taking to the platform to air their views.

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Source: Timeslive

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