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Philly Rapper LGP Qua Aims To Save The Youth In Video For “Insomniac” Feat.


You’ve probably seen LGP Qua spitting knowledge, wisdom and encouraging rhymes on his litty Instagram clips. The sagacious rapper’s freestyles about social issues such as black-on-black crime, black unity, police brutality, education, among other issues have went viral and caught the attention of rappers such as Nas and Snoop Dogg.

Today (March 2), the Philly native released new music visuals to his track titled “Insomniac.” In the black and white visuals, Qua and walk through the streets of Philly while rapping for the camera.

“Shout out to the Eagles, we brought the ring back/So when I tell you change gonna come, you can believe that/Go get a diploma, youngin’ say:[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip]‘I don’t need that/He’d rather grip a 30, rob a nigga with a ski-mask,” raps Qua.

There’s still not much known about the bubbling MC. But be on the lookout for his forthcoming mixtape, Voice of the Youth Vol.1.


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