SA actress, Nomzamo Mbatha is over the moon and touched after receiving her flowers from a fan while still alive.

The star who is presently in Los Angeles, US recounted how she was given flowers by a stranger when she went shopping in a mall.

Nomzamo said the experience got her emotional and teary, as the fan acknowledged the many good and positive impact she’s had in people’s lives.

“Today, Something really kind happened to me,” she started the story shared on Sunday.

“A few minutes before this moment as I was waiting for my fish to be weighed at the grocery store, I looked at my friend and had this random feeling of gratitude and said “I’m in such a peaceful state of mind. I’m surrounded by love and I’m so thankful that I have people who cover me in it everyday.”

“I loaded the fish in my trolley and kept going. As I was about to enter an isle, I heard a voice call out my name. I turned around and this angel said, “Hi, these flowers are for you, here’s the slip, they’ve been paid for” I was obviously taken aback and asked who they were from And why? 😢 she responded and said “they’re from me, thank you for inspiring so many of us with how you live your life and what you do for others we’ve been standing there in the corner with my colleagues watching you and this is my way of wanting to let you know how loved you are…” —YUP, tears!”

“Now one of the things I struggle with is receiving, so this really sat in my soul and made my chest close in and my eyes well up. I received this moment and I will never ever forget it. To be seen in a soft and tender way. Today, something really kind happened to me. Thank you Anthea. Ngiyabonga Sisi.”


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