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It feels like just yesterday we got the iPhone 7s, but the rumors about the iPhone 8 are already swirling. Technology! Who can keep up!?

Well, the answer is: Lots of people. And they have some guesses as to what computers we’re gonna be carrying around in our pockets this time next year. Thrillist reached out to a variety of Apple experts, and they have some informed guesses as to what’s up with the iPhone 8.

Here’s what they’re are saying: It’lk be available in three different models of varying sizes, images will “pop” better on screen, the home button is no more, and wireless charging.

The screen will be curved:

The overwhelming majority of iPhone 8 speculators believe it will feature a massive redesign. Most notably, the screen will be “bent” on either side, much like those on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or Note7[tooltip id=”4500c2f113202943ff1ae30d00c9d4ac”] [/tooltip](RIP). Furthermore, both the front and back sides could be covered in glass and connected via a metal frame, much like they were in the iPhone 4 and 4s models. Here’s hoping the company manages to make it crack-proof this time.

And, it’ll have eye- and face-scanning technology:

The introduction of Touch ID on the iPhone 5s ushered in a whole new level of mobile security and convenience, but Apple plans to bump its biometrics integration up a notch or two. One rumor, prompted by a leak from a Chinese chip manufacturer, suggests the next iPhone will feature iris-scanning technology. That means you might be able to unlock your phone, or pay for stuff via Apple Pay, just by looking into a little camera on the screen. Considering Apple’s also acquired a number of companies that specialize in facial recognition in recent years, some speculate it may also come equipped with face-scanning tech, which would open the door to a whole bunch of new and exciting features and be a huge boon for the advancement of augmented reality.

That’s some straight-up Mission Impossible-style Sh!t! And I both love it and am terrified of it. Bring it on, Apple.

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