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Piers Morgan Gets Dragged After Saying He Dances To 50 Cent On Most Days

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Piers Morgan can’t hate black music because he’s hung out with Jay-Z, apparently.

Piers Morgan is a contentious figure, for sure. Over the years, he’s made plenty of controversial comments that have been perceived as prejudice in some kind of way. A Twitter troll illustrated a picture of Morgan with a young boy in a bucket hat named Alex Mann who performed with Dave at Glastonbury Festival. The speech bubble reads, “Gosh, I thought I hated Black music but it turns out that its only insufferable when Black people do it. Ha!” The tweet read, “We see right through you @piersmorgan.”

Morgan caught wind of it and replied, “I literally dance to @50cent most days on @GMB you racist imbecile.” That’s when all hell broke loose on Twitter. Morgan has advocated for things like stop and search in the U.K. which prompted Giggs to blast him on Instagram. Morgan later attempted to prove his point with pictures of him hanging out with Kanye West, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg. “Here’s me hating black music,” he added to the tweet.

It didn’t take long for the Internet to put him on blast. YouTube Personality Dylan Evans called out Morgan on Twitter, writing, “Piers Morgan just actually hit us with the… ‘I’m not racist ive got black mates.'”

Another Twitter user replied to his first tweet, writing, “You also take photos with rich black men, must be worth a few “I’m not racist points”  what’s next? You eat fried chicken too?”

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