Presenter Kim Jayde speaks on being bullied in school

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Award-winning TV host on MTV Africa inspired Mzansi with the story of how she got bullied in school to being a super star. 

Kim might look all bright and confidence as a presenter, but she’s got a ugly past while schooling.

According to the report, the bullying was so bad it almost ‘dimmed her light’. “Junior school was really hard, because I was bullied very badly. I was a shy, awkward little girl and I didn’t have people skills … So I would literally ask the teachers to give me extra homework so that I didn’t have to go out and play at break time.

“So I would sit in the class at break time and, if I didn’t have work, then I would sit in the toilet and eat my lunch. My parents came to school to ask the teachers why I came home crying almost every day. It was miserable.”

“I initially made no money in modelling because I wasn’t getting booked. All the modelling agencies told me I was 15cm too short, I’d never work, and I had to lose weight.”

However, the beautiful presenter has rose to fame as she gradually bagged TV gigs and she’s right on everyone’s screen.

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