Pretty Is Forced To Make A Firm Decision About Her Unborn Child.

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History nearly repeated itself from the seakamela house. Pretty wanted to pin her pregnancy to Kat knowing lehasa is the father just like mantuli lied to mr seakamela for years but this time mantuli won’t let her. She leant her lesson and she won’t let her daughter do the same mistake she did. At least im happy that MaNtuli refuses Pretty to have an abortion nd im very angry the way Kwaito is reacting to this whole situation. However, Mantuli should leave Pretty alone because at least she’s not in high school so she’s big enough to take the decisions on her own and when, she says not in her house while she cheated on her hubby le nextdoor she might as well move out becaus that’s Prettys house more than her.

Pretty is literally her mother’s daughter. That is what she should’ve told in yesterday’s episode, it seems they won’t let her made her own decisions regarding her pregnancy as MaNtuli wants her to do things her way. Mantuli has just returned and pretty is already in trouble. This kind of parenting still gonna take children to hospitals because of chest pains.
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That anguish n disappointment from Kwaito when he heard Lehasa is the father. He was torn apart I guess it all came back regarding his current situation. Nevertheless Pretty should be strong during this time as children grow up.with it without the father, so if ahw chooses not to let Lehasa be part of get baby’s life then she has to be strong enough to take the responsibilities on her own. MaNtuli is behaving like she’s holier than thou. She was also involved in adultery with a married man. Like mother like daughter and she should understand Petty’s situation because she has also been there.

Viewers feel that Mantuli will use Petty’s pregnancy to her advantage, they claim she is going to demand a double story from Lehasa. She already wanted a job from Kat for Sfiso. Kwaito did a good thing by putting her in her place amtshele ukuthi he is still paying her hospital bills she must stop annoying him about money.

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