Raphael Saadiq & Ernest Turner Join Together On “Glory To The Veins”

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It’s almost a month to the day since Raphael Saadiq returned to the music arena as a solo artist. In early June, the Tony! Toni! Toné! legend delivered his single “Something Keeps Calling” with Rob Bacon. The enchanting, R&B track was the first taste of Saadiq’s forthcoming solo project, Jimmy Lee. His latest effort is the first solo album he’s released in eight years and fans are excited to see the veteran artist back at center stage.

Singer Ashanti recently did an interview where she stated that real R&B is what has been missing from R&B, but the genre isn’t dead. As new artists find their footing and elbow their way through crowds to take their spaces, oftentimes the artists who helped shape the genre into what it is today are forgotten. On both “Something Keeps Calling” and his new single “Glory to the Veins” featuring Ernest Turner, Saadiq isn’t reinventing his sound as much as he’s developing on it. From the sounds of things, Jimmy Lee is shaping up to be a journey, and R&B lovers will enjoy the trip.

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