Ras Releases The “Indoda Ayikhali” Music Video With Just Bheki


RAS, whose stage persona is an acronym for the words Real African Seed, releases a new song stirred by the passing of his father in 2015. “‘Indoda Ayikhali’ is a melodic humming- led hip-hop song with lyrics just as emotional and deep as the isiZulu chorus brought to life by the sensational vocalist, Just Bheki.”

Days leading to the issuing of this release, RAS shared his personal struggles on social media in which he shares with his extended family how he is dealing with the realities that come with his new reality. He advocates for the normalization of men being emotionally expressive.

“I wants it known that there is nothing wrong with a man crying. It’s okay to grieve in your own way.” RAS highlights as he reflects on the premise of the song, adding: “While most people of my generation and cultural background were raised to believe that showing emotions – having feelings and crying – was unacceptable, especially for men, I don’t want that to be the narrative for the next generation.”

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