Reason Mention Rappers Who Groomed Him To Become A “Conscious” And Best Battle Rapper. Each modern day rapper has someone they grew up listening to who inspired them to become the best they could. Rapper Reason has some African artists who he claims are the reason he is how he is as a rapper.

The Ngyakthanda rapper even bragged that no one can beat him in a battle rap because the people he looked up to murdered the game. Dropping lit bars isn’t easy and may take some learning as really as it can talent. Reason has impressed a number of people with his lyirval delivery. But he has some people to thank too.

The father of four took to Twitter to reveal that the likes of Proverb, Stogie T, Optical Illusion and DJ Fresh inspired him to be great in rap.

“I was raised by Proverb, Tumi, Zubz, Optical Illusion and Dj Fresh. Meaning, I know how to battle, be conscious, be conceptual, versatile and mass market. Never try box me. 😁 #NgiyakThanda,” tweeted Reason.

People who justify stealing music in the name of support reeeeeeally get to me I won’t lie. and when they tell you shit for asking, you become the asshole for telling them shit back. Artists are dying broke yo. We NEED the purchase if we made a song worth bumping.


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