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Remy Ma Suggests Rape Victims Receiving Financial Settlements Is Prostitution

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She believes money for sex is a form of prostitution.

A soundbite from Remy Ma has caused quite a stir. On a recent episode of State of the Culture, the four hosts discussed the controversy surrounding former NFL star Antonio Brown. Two women have accused brown of sexual assault, and the talk show panel discussed alleged rape victims who seek or are awarded financial settlements against their assailants.

“If you rape my sister, my daughter, my anything…I don’t want your money,” Remy said. “I want you castrated. I wanna Lorena Bobbitt your ass. The things that I want done are crimes. Worst case scenario, I want something to happen to you so that you’re removed from being able to do this to someone else. When you come to me with a number [and] say, ‘Hey, give me two million dollars and I’ll go away,’ now, to me, you’re being paid.”

Eboni K. Williams suggested that its compensation, possibly for their pain and suffering, not just women looking for money. Remy states, “It seems like in a lot of these alleged assault cases, women are asking for money. ‘Give me some money and I’ll feel better.’ To me, in any exchange with sexual acts are being compensated with money, that’s prostitution.” Budden steps in and heavily disagrees, saying that you have to agree to the sex in order for the exchange to be prostitution. Was Remy out of line or do you agree with what she said?

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