REVIEW: The Cavemen take us back to The Roots on ‘Selense’


Neo Highlife Duo, The Cavemen just released a new single titled ‘Selense’ and here are my honest thoughts.

The moment Selense starts off, you begin to feel like it was a song intentionally left out of their ‘Roots’ Album.

The pair who won the 2020 Headies Award for Best Alternative Album know how to make love songs that don’t complicate everything and that’s what Selense turns out to be, with opening lyrics like “Give Gime Love oh, Make we jolly”. You begin to see that these two simply just understand love in it’s simplest form.

Selense however quickly transcends beyond a love song as it quickly dawns on you that you understand everything going on with this record. Highlife is a genre that has been characterized so much as ‘Igbo Music’. But Selense doesn’t make you feel that way. There’s hardly any Igbo here. Matter of fact, you could learn the lyrics of this tune by the third listen. The lyrics are so simple and tell us the story of a lady making a man go wild. 

You hear the voice go “Wild, Wild, Wild, you make me go Wild”.

The song points out that she’s a ‘shakara’ woman as well with “Why you dey do like you no dey love?

Why can I relate so much? Sylvia if you can read this, please love me back!!! You make me go wildddd 😭

But the most beautiful thing about this number perhaps is the fact that it is a celebration of percussions and strings, the drumming truly goes wild and so do the strings, at some point you can even begin to hear instruments that are not there, because you get so lost in the wonderland that this music creates. This music has to be studied. The Cavemen take you through an entire journey and never leave you hanging. You basically get up and dance while writing notes for yourself to add to this one. 

Selense is a variety of several interesting beautiful things. If this is the first Cavemen song you have listened to, then you would want to listen to some more. If you have listened to them before now, this one would make you want to join them on stage and dance! 

The Cavemen are making music that transcends our reality and takes us to places in our hearts that we never imagined. We Can’t wait to get what is next but for now, Selense is the one for the Loop!

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