Reward for information on Manenberg cat killings

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A Manenberg resident said that the community was distraught as incidents of mutilated cat carcasses being dumped in the area continued unabated.

At least 21 cats have been found dead and mutilated in the area in recent weeks.

The felines apparently disappear overnight and their remains are then found dumped on someone else’s property in the early hours of the morning.

Abdul-Karriem Adams said that they had no idea who could be behind the spate of attacks targeting their pets and the motive was puzzling.

“I’ve personally seen about 10 cats now and we’ve made sure that they’ve been buried. It’s not the work of an animal, it’s the work of a person because of the way it’s been cut up. Over the past weekend, we had a little patrol to see if we could apprehend the person or persons who’s doing this.”

The Animal Welfare Society’s Allan Perrins said that this was the most traumatic case and the biggest single-killing spree he’d ever dealt with in his 25 years in animal welfare.

The organization is now offering a substantial reward for any information leading to the arrest of a so-called serial cat killer in Manenberg.


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