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Richard Jefferson Addresses Former Ball Boy Who Stared At Players’ “Junk”

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A TikToker and former NBA ball boy was blasted by Jefferson for staring at players’ private parts.

Retired NBA player and current ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson, finally addressed a former ball boy and current TikToker, who’s videos describing Jefferson and other NBA players ‘junk’ on social media have since gone viral. 

Also, in another TikTok video, the former ball boy said, “The biggest jerk I met when I was an NBA ball boy was a guy who was always condescending. That guy, Richard Jefferson.”

Jefferson admitted to recognizing and previously choosing not to acknowledge the TikTok troll, but after seeing his various videos constantly be reposted, the former Cavaliers’ champion has had enough. In a now-deleted post on social media, Jefferson detailed his response to the ball boy who he remembers would constantly stare at the private parts of he and his teammates when in the locker room. Jefferson said:

“So normally, I don’t address things. You know, I’ll address like the little Twitter trolls here and there, but you keep reposting this. And so, you want attention, but I don’t really think you want this attention. So let’s tell everybody the truth. What he is saying is true. I never interacted with him, but let’s explain why… You literally admit to looking at our junk when we were in the locker room, I remember you. And I saw this video a while ago and never talked about it, I just kind of let it go. Then I saw the original video where I was like, ‘Oh, that’s the kind that used to stare at all of our junks’.”

Jefferson continued, “And you felt so comfortable starting at our junks that it’s literally your second video you have posted on TikTok. Your second video is you talking about it. This is another thing that I want people to really observe here, you’re not just saying, ‘Oh, I saw Richard’s junk’. No, you’re talking about in comparison to other men in the locker room. The biggest you saw, while it might be true, the point is that is why I didn’t interact with you. That is why I avoided you.”

Check out Jefferson’s exact response, below:


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