Riky Rick Delivers Date, Theme & Venue For 2020’s Cotton Fest. Concert. The year is about to come to an end and it’s already the best time to plan for the following year. Riky Rick is already planning the second of his now annual Cotton Festival which debuted this year.

The upcoming event is set to take place on the 1st February of 2020 at The Station (Newtown). The theme cover and ticket sales are available.

“Apart from the huge support we got from young people last year, the love we received for our simple logo was just insane. We were never ready for it to be honest. So we decided to flip it up again for the festival next year, we kept the aesthetic clean and fresh.

“We included some feel-good characters to the logo. We tried to keep in tune with the drip, keeping in the fun and lightheartedness” says Cotton Fest’s Riky Rick. “Hope the kids and culture love it because it’s all about them. Looking forward to their response and support as always of course,” said Riky.


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